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Our name.

Our name and brand philosophy are inked together. 

To reflect, see and remembering the actual essence in life. 
The word 'embreys' is an interpretation, definition and constant reminder to embrace life and its everyday hidden treasures. We live on a beautiful planet with the most amazing places. We have endless possibilities to learn, to explore, to play, to laugh, to exercise. To simply enjoy. But we are at the same time surrounded by so much noise and mental pollution, which makes it hard to navigate. 
We believe that it's all the small everyday treasures, which are so easy to underestimate, that actually results in the lasting happiness and peace of mind we all aim to achieve.
As brand we have so many stories to tell. So many roads to drive. So many projects to live. To grow the brand and share our mission, vision and values. That more and more people will feel our dedication. Our honesty. To welcome new member to the family of embreys projects®.
We aim to be a small kind reminder. That people will reflect.
We believe that through awareness, participation, presence and gratitude we create meaning in life. We should treat others with respect, dignity, kindness and compassion. Love. See and feel things as they really are. We can all aspire to be more generous and present.