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What we do.

embreys projects® is making everyday durable essentials. Designed, crafted and created in the best qualities with care, passion, love and honesty. Each garment is made in a fine harmony of clean lines, aesthetics details and great comfort.

A fundamental part of our business is that we only, and always, seek and use responsible materials, production or solutions in general. You, as a customer, can therefor count on, that all garments always are made to last in organic cottons, with recycled polyester or other responsible materials in general.
We make garments that are made to be used and cherished. Bring on the embreys projects® mindset together with your garment to be complete; A responsible made garments joining forces with a responsible and absolutely unique character.
All embreys projects® garments are made to be your next everyday favourite and the masterpieces in your wardrobe.